Action from the men’s league

A sequence from the Southshore Men’s Baseball League on May 23 between the Slave Lake Heat and the Slave Lake Cardinals began with Heat catcher Aiden Blocka knocking a ball into the dirt in front of him.

The throw beat Blocka to first, where Cardinal first baseman Steve Gladue had to reach into the basepath to snag the throw, just as Blocka arrived. He dropped the ball, and it rolled off toward the fence.

Picture #3 of the sequence shows Cardinal second baseman Kirk Ruecker applying the tag as Blocka slides into the bag in a cloud of dust. “Out!” comes the cry from umpire Keith Hopper, followed by shouts of disapproval and groans from Heat supporters.
The Cardinals outlasted the Heat, winning 11 – 6. Ruecker hit two homers for the Cardinals and Will Chemago got one for the Heat.

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