About that annual siren test…..

Extended test now set for April 13

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

You might recall an article in The Leader announcing a special, extended period of siren testing by the Town of Slave Lake. This was instead of the regular, brief, third-Thursday-of-the-month noon-hour test.
It was supposed to happen on March 9, but it didn’t.
“A fuse blew,” says town communications person Christopher Brown. “Apparently the siren can’t operate in minus 30 weather.”
On that day, it happened to be -32C.
So what happens if there’s a real emergency when it’s that cold or colder? Brown says Doug Baird, the town’s project manager, thinks it’ll work now. And if it doesn’t, the town has all sorts of back-up strategies for spreading the word – i.e. – website, social media, radio, electronic signs and so on.
First, though, the siren has to pass the annual test, newly scheduled for Thursday, April 13. The reason for announcing it, then as now, is so that it won’t take people by surprise, and unduly alarm them.
Brown says the extended test will be from noon to about 12:15 p.m.

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