AB Taekwondo club belt tests and tournament results

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AB Taekwondo had three busy days November 21 to 23. The students tested for the next belt level on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, nine students competed in a tournament in Edmonton. All of them placed.

The tournament was the Tiger Challenge Taekwondo Tournament in Edmonton on November 23.

Alexa Briones (8) won gold in poomse and sparring. Lana Ali (11) won gold in sparring and placed silver in poomse (patterns).

Hannah Joseph (8) won gold in sparring.

Bailey McClanaghan (11) won gold in poomse and placed silver in sparring.

Ashton Lee (14) placed silver in sparring and bronze in poomse. Jordan Badry (9) placed silver in poomse and bronze in sparring.

All colours were tested on November 21 and 22.

Yellow up to red belts were tested on poomse (patterns), sparring, board breaking, combination kicks and basic blocks.

This was the first belt testing to include sparring.

For the yellow belts, this was in a round robin of 45 second bouts.

AB Taekwondo added sparring demonstrations to its testing days in November. Pictured are Hayden on the left and Angella on the right.
AB Taekwondo students yell and show off their broken boards, certificates and new blue and green belts after testing on November 21. Photo courtesy of AB Taekwondo.

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