A new face and focus for Healthy Choices

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

From January to the end of April, Healthy Choices had no employees.

Formerly called Healthy Choices for Moms and Babies, Healthy Choices provides support for any woman who is pregnant or has a child under one year old. The goal of the organization is to help these women build healthy habits for themselves and their babies.

At the beginning of May, Stephany Kruger started working at Healthy Choices.

Kruger was born in Calgary, but moved to Slave Lake in junior high. She now lives with her partner and two kids on an acreage by Kinuso.

Kruger had her first child when she was 21. While she was pregnant, she moved out of town.

“I can completely empathize with a mom who feels overwhelmed,” Kruger says. “I know how important it is to have some support.”

Kruger is thankful for the support of her family, partner and friends during that time. When her children were little, she was a stay-at-home mom. She taught at Kinuso playschool for the last two years.

In the past, Healthy Choices offered group programs, but now it is offers one-on-one support through home visits.

Kruger’s job is twofold: build relationships with clients and be a bridge to other programs from Parentlink to breastfeeding specialists.

Healthy Choices is for any pregnant woman or mother of an baby who is looking for any type of support. The only condition is they must live in Slave Lake.

For women with financial need, Healthy Choices has nutrition support including fruit and vegetable baskets.

Kruger’s office is in the Parentlink office. Pregnant women and mothers of babies can contact her at 780-516-9847 or stop by Parentlink.

Stephany Kruger

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