A certain type of hoodlum

About that weird crime phenomenon that’s been noted in Slave Lake by the RCMP and others recently: apparently it’s happening elsewhere too. Searching online, if you can manage to get past all the articles on the 1948 Italian movie, news items on the theft of bicycles come up. It’s big in Kelowna; it’s a problem in Saskatoon. It’s on the rise in Toronto.

What may be new is that a certain type of young hoodlum is both riding a bicycle and stealing bicycles, along with other stuff. It might not be a gang, but it is certainly more than one person pedaling around Slave Lake in the wee hours swiping bikes (and probably other things). The unofficial word is that these guys are drug users who steal to support their habit.

A friend of The Leader spent a night or two in Edmonton recently, staying over with a friend in a home not far from the downtown area. He said there are gangs of ‘kids’ on bikes roaming the back alleys in that part of town, stealing “anything that isn’t nailed down.”

Same story on the type: drug-addicted, young and using the bicycle as a means of getting around.

How unfortunate all this is, not to mention annoying. There are worse things going on, certainly – including much bigger and more troubling thefts. What can you do, except try not to leave things lying around that can be easily swiped.

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