1st Smith Scouts active, making plans

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

There’s an active Scouting group in Smith, and its Commissioner wouldn’t mind at all if it got a bit of publicity.
“We do a lot of stuff,” says Michelle Sholtz.
Such as?
“In October we have our huge dinner and silent auction. We started the Remembrance Day march. We do the Christmas tree-raising, events for seniors – anything the community needs.”
Summer is actually a quiet season for the Beavers and Cubs (ages five through 11) that make up the 1st Smith Scouts. There was a Beaver camp, but the regular program gets going on Sept. 2, says Sholtz and she hopes to see regular updates in this publication that will help the wider community know what the group has coming up and how it goes.
For now, ‘Night With Scouts,’ is the big one on the horizon; that’s the dinner and auction mentioned above. Sholtz says lots of Slave Lake companies help out. It’s at the community complex on Saturday, Oct. 21.


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