Tough road ahead for the EV

No, electric vehicles are not a communist plot. It appears, however, that widespread use of them is still a bit of a pipe dream – at least for small-town rural northern Alberta. It just isn’t practical. Yet. It may become so, eventually, with advances in technology. Dismissing it as an attack on the oil and gas industry seems shortsighted, not to say plain stupid. Certainly it’s unnecessary and unhelpful.

Things will develop. We’ll see where they go, but it seems any sensible person would be in favour of at least moving towards a technology that would help reduce the gigantic amounts of carbon we (society as a whole) are spewing into the atmosphere.

The value of any particular policy or project in helping this along can and will and should be debated and dissected. But the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gases is surely a sound one.

The head-in-the-sand denial approach, otherwise known as the ‘blame-everything-on-the-NDP’ approach, seems to be working for many. But in the long run it doesn’t really hold water. Any responsible government – just like every individual person – has got to face this and do something about it. It always comes down to idealistic goals versus realistic possibilities.

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