‘Stand Up Guys’ comedy show comes to town April 28

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Some people may say – or think: ‘Not a lot goes on in Slave Lake.’

We’ve got news for you: This is going on!

‘This’ is a comedy show at the Legacy Centre, on Sunday, April 28. It features Sean Lecomber, He Fangzhou and Slave Lake’s own Moe Mouallem, who is also the promoter and organizer.

“It’ll be a show you can take your teenage kids to,” says Mouallem. “Fun and affordable.”

Affordable as in $25, if you buy your tickets ahead of time. You can do that online at standupguys.ca, at Alimo’s Pizzeria or Mary Brown’s or at the MRC. At the door they’ll cost five bucks more.

“I think it would make a really good date night,” says Mouallem.

It’s also a fundraiser, for the Northern Haven Support Society. That’s the organization that runs the emergency women’s shelter in Slave Lake.

But enough of the serious stuff. Who are these ‘stand up guys?’ (That’s the name of the show, by the way.)

Mouallem will open the show. He says he got started in stand-up comedy about a year-and-a-half ago. That was at a comedy night at a local pub.

“People responded well,” he says. “I got a rush out of it.”

Mouallem says his jokes are based on observations about life, some about politics, family life and so on.

Up next is Fangzhou, who has to be a bit of an anomaly. Originally from China, he somehow ended up doing stand-up comedy (probably in defiance of his parents’ expectations) and makes his living at it. He mines that immigrant experience for all it’s worth.

Headlining the show is Lecomber.

“He was a writer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” says Mouallem. “And he’s often on ‘The Debaters.’ He’s been on Jay Leno.”

Lecomber has won numerous Canadian awards and “is one of the guys comedians look up to,” Mouallem says.

‘Do you like England?’ asks Lecomber in one of his bits. ‘I don’t. We gave them the language and they screwed it up.’

He Fangzhou, funny for you
Sean Lecomber, coming to a mic near you
Moe Mouallem, host and funny guy

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