New upgrading mostly a good news scenario

Reports last week of yet another multi-billion-dollar upgrading plant for the Edmonton area is more good news for the province. Pembina Pipelines is one-upping Inter Pipeline by a billion dollars (4.5 to 3.5) in its plans for turning propane into plastic pellets. Apparently the sky is the limit for this product, and Alberta is the place to make it.

So, thousands of jobs in construction, hundreds in operations, value added and a guaranteed local market for gas produced here at home. What’s not to like?

One thing is that it will reinforce, or hasten, the migration of population from rural to urban Alberta. There seems to be no way to stop that. Business and industry will locate where it’s most convenient, and people will follow.

But it’s mostly good news anyway, at least from an economic standpoint. Pipelines won’t be needed to ship those plastic pellets.

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