Name suggestions pouring in for Slave Lake Jr. ‘A’ team

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

How does Slave Lake Ice Dogs grab you? Or if not that, Slave Lake Storm, or Lightning?

Those are three of the leading suggestions so far in the naming contest for the proposed Slave Lake entry in the Western Provinces Hockey Association, a Junior A league that started last year.

“I like Ice Dogs,” says Lauren Barr, the owners’ rep for the team. Getting a name for the team is Barr’s first order of business. A few days after the launch of the team website ( had over 20 entries in the contest. The prize is a pair of season tickets.

Other entries: Slave Lake Sledgehammers, the Sting, the Slave Lake Fire, the Blaze, the Sabotage, the Dragons, the Shore Cats, Sea Wolves, Bulldogs, Bison.

Barr says she likes the Storm and Lightning ideas, because they relate to the ‘Thunder’ name for Slave Lake minor hockey teams. ‘Blaze’ might be a sensitive one, due to fairly recent history, but she is certainly willing to go with what the majority want. She says in her mind, Storm, Lightning, Ice Dogs and Blaze are the front-runners.

“The public are going to decide the name,” she says.

The deadline for entering the naming contest is March 15.
A season ticket drive is another priority.

Barr says until the team is ratified by the league (expected in May) it’ll be a matter of pre-registering for the season package, with the money to be collected later.

Barr says she’s unsure at this point exactly how to proceed on this, because the league won’t officially ratify the team until May. So it may be a matter of collecting expressions of interest for the time being, and collecting the money for the tickets later.

Other news: “I’ve started interviewing coaching staff,” Barr says. “And I’m working to set up a camp in Europe.”

That would be an evaluation camp, for players interested in playing in the league. Apparently there are quite a few of them. On a related note, Barr says she’s received an expression of interest from a local player, “and a few from around Edmonton.”

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