Loose, aggressive dog getting on people’s nerves

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Residents of the northwest part of Slave Lake are upset about a loose dog. According to one of those residents it is quite aggressive.

“This dog goes right after people,” says Sarah Hudson. “When it went after me I turned my stroller around and it bit my stroller.”

There have been other similar incidents up and down her street. Hudson says the dog is periodically out and running around and has been “for three years now.” In a lengthy online discussion about it last week, one poster said it is more like five years.

It isn’t a stray. Hudson says she knows who the owner is, and so does Town of Slave Lake Peace Officer Mark Becker. He has given the owner tickets, she says, but the problem persists.

“Numerous people have complained,” she says. “There’s lots of young kids in this area.”

Hudson is hoping more publicity might do some good.

There’s no question about what the rules are. The town’s bylaw is quite clear that dogs have to be confined and when they are out should be on a leash. If they aren’t, the owner is liable.

A call to peace officer Becker had not been returned by press time.

The loose dog in question.

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