Look who popped up in Edmonton

Those who looked to the Alberta Party as a ‘middle-of-the-road’ alternative in Alberta politics might not be having a good week. Party leader Stephen Mandel learned earlier this month he isn’t even eligible to run in this spring’s election, due to his failure to file some paperwork on time.

Meanwhile, in Lesser Slave Lake, there’s no sign of an Alberta Party candidate, after Judy Kim-Meneen changed her mind about running. If the Alberta Party isn’t able to mount much of a campaign, it probably is good news for the NDP. A strong Alberta Party would probably split the center/left vote, improving the chances of the UCP. That’s pretty much what happened on the right of the political spectrum in the 2015 election, with the Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives weakening each other’s chances. The Alberta Party is “soldiering on” however, it says, with 50 candidates declared as of last week. Interestingly enough, one of them is the aforementioned Kim-Meneen; she’s now shown as running in an Edmonton riding! Well, good luck to her. Campaigning in an area comprising a few city blocks is surely a lot easier than negotiating the huge geography and many diverse and mostly small communities in Lesser Slave Lake. That is a challenge not just anyone can undertake.

Speaking of which, we hope to have articles on each of the declared candidates in upcoming issues of The Leader, assuming they respond to interview requests.

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