Frost Fest 2019 was mostly indoors, and it worked

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Town of Slave Lake’s 15th annual Frost Fest was mostly and indoor affair this year. That might see a bit odd for a winter festival, but given how cold it was….

“We had good turnout at all the big events,” says Stacey Bjornsson, the town’s new program coordinator. “I heard nothing but positive comments.”

Frost Fest stretched over ten days, starting on a Saturday with the Family Carnival in the field house and ending on Family Day, Feb. 18 with what was supposed to be the Frolic in the Park. But that one ended up indoors as well.

“We woke up to extreme cold,” Bjornsson says, and the decision was made to shift the whole thing into the rec centre. Adjustments had to be made, but “that went really well too. All the groups got inside and made it work.”

The only ones who didn’t get to go inside were the hardy crew from Mr. Mike’s, who barbecued out front the whole time.

Bjornsson says around 400 people turned out for the event. Over 500 came to the Family Carnival on Feb. 9. The Glow Skate event on Feb. 16 was “unexpectedly popular,” Bjornsson says, with over 100 taking part.

Other events were put on by other groups – the library and the swimming pool for two examples. Bjornsson says she heard good things about the turnout there as well.

“I really like how the community has made it part of their routine,” she says.

It’s all fun until somebody sinks… and then it’s even more fun! Canoe Battleships at the Northern Lights Aquatic Centre was a Frost Fest event this year.
Bowling for the fun of it – one of the hastily-organized activities in the Family Day event after the decision was made to move it indoors.
The tough guys of barbecue – Kelly Temraz, Mike Naim and José Diaz of Mr. Mike’s acting as if it isn’t really 25 or more below.
Lining up for free grub….thanks to the move inside, these people didn’t have to freeze while waiting for their free burger from Mr. Mike’s.
Fun with hoops – little kiddies frolicking with hula hoops in the Multi Rec Centre lobby in the final event of Frost Fest.

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