Difficult to take seriously

When it comes to politics, a lot of people have their heels dug in. Probably when it comes to all sorts of other things as well. They may see Jason Kenney as a villain no matter what he does or says. They may see Rachel Notley and her government as the bad guys, no matter what they say or do or what the facts actually support.

It’s human nature, though. A certain type of person can be described as flexible and open-minded – able to be persuaded to change views or change course. Another type is locked in. They usually are clannish and suspicious of whatever seems strange or different or outside of their experience. They like to hang on to what is familiar and resist and reject efforts to change it, even in the face of evidence it needs changing. Others want to change things for the sake of change, which of course can be faulty and dangerous as well.

So we lurch on, hopefully operating somewhere in the middle ground between these two conflicting ways of looking at the world. It’s not quite a simple as that, but in a general sense it works as a way of looking at the way society operates.

Our view: anyone who refuses to admit they might be wrong is difficult to take seriously.

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