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Assaults dominate court docket: alcohol may have been involved

Slave Lake Provincial Court
March 13, 2019
Judge G. W. Paul presiding

Appearing in court via closed circuit television from Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre was Daphney Lindsey Auger, to enter guilty pleas on the charges of assault, and two breaches of conditions from previous offenses. On March 2, 2019, Auger was “very intoxicated” and causing a disturbance in Dom’s and was escorted outside by members of the staff. She returned, and in the course of being kicked out a second time she slugged a staff member, whereupon the police were summoned. It was discovered at that point that she was in breach of conditions imposed by the court of good behaviour, sobriety and to attend court proceedings.

“You are not a stupid woman,” Judge Paul told Auger. “Things will keep getting worse for you unless you address your problem (with alcohol addiction).” She was sentenced to 45 days for each offense, to be served concurrently.

Melissa Marie Gullion pled guilty to charges of failure to stop after an accident and operation of a vehicle with blood alcohol level over .08. On February 1, 2019, Gullion and another motorist had a minor collision on 6th Street. Gullion told the other driver that she needed to return to her home and unload groceries then she would return and deal with the accident. She was followed by another motorist to her home, and when she showed no signs of keeping her word to return, the RCMP was summoned. The officers observed that Gullion was showing symptoms of intoxication and arrested her.

Gullion was fined $1,000 for the hit and run, and $1,000 for driving while impaired. She was also given the one-year driving prohibition with eligibility to apply for an interlock system.

Dusty Rose Gullion was in court for sentencing after pleading guilty to assault charges at an earlier court date. On May 20, 2018, Gullion was in the process of moving out after the break-up of her relationship with her then common-law partner. The two got into a heated argument over the disposition of a pair of shoes and she shoved him down a flight of stairs which resulted in a minor head injury for her ex.

Noting that Gullion had no record, the Crown suggested 12 months of probation with conditions, primarily that she refrain from contact with her ex. Gullion’s lawyer asked that the judge consider a conditional discharge, noting that Gullion worked in janitorial services around Slave Lake and she might need to be bonded for her work.

Judge Paul ordered that Gullion be on probation for six months time, on conditions to keep the peace, be of good behaviour, abstain from alcohol, cannabis or any drug not prescribed by a doctor, to report to and follow the requirements of her probation officer and refrain from contact with her ex. At the end of that time she will receive a full discharge of the infraction and her record will be expunged.

Appearing via closed circuit from Edmonton Remand Centre was Ricardo Lee Bigstone who pled guilty to assault, three instances of breaching court conditions and a failure to appear at a court proceeding. The assault took place in the home of his ex-girlfriend when he struck her in the face with a plastic plate. While he was released from custody under the court imposed conditions of sobriety and good behaviour, he was removed by police from the home of an acquaintance for being drunk and disruptive. Not long after that police were called by Bigstone’s ex because he was knocking on her door in violation of a no-contact condition. Police attended and removed Bigstone.

Bigstone was sentenced to 90 days on the suggestion of the Crown, though Judge Paul warned that Bigstone, through his behaviour, had pretty much set a new sentencing baseline for himself.

“You can expect in the future that your sentencing will start at 90 days and go up from there,” said Judge Paul.

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