Coffee and politics with the MP

Peace River-Westlock MP Arnold Viersen stopped by Slave Lake last week for a coffee shop chat. Coffee was on him, and the talk was about the usual topics – pipelines, carbon levy, transfer payments and such. Alberta is getting a raw deal, the current federal government isn’t doing much about it, etc. Be sure to vote Conservative in the next election.

One question put to the MP was what alternative to the current climate-change strategies the Conservatives would put forward. Viersen said he didn’t know what the party platform on that would be. But he did point out that anything Canada does to reduce greenhouse gas emissions won’t make much difference in the global picture. Any solution has to be global, he said. And Alberta’s ‘clean coal’ technology could and should be a part of it. But if we shut down all our coal-fired power plants, it will be wasted.

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