Campaign kerfuffle

The Leader unwittingly set off some political sniping last week.

It had to do with carbon tax-impact claims made by Lesser Slave Lake candidate Pat Rehn, that appeared in a Lakeside Leader story. The news release was a reaction – we’re told – to an NDP reaction to those assertions Rehn made in The Leader story in the Feb. 27 edition. Sensing another case like that of Medicine Hat UCP candidate Michaela Glasgo, when she goofily claimed the carbon levy cost her church $50,000 a year, the NDP pounced, accusing Rehn of exaggeration.

Rehn’s information came from Vanderwell Contractors – the Mitsue sawmill company. Fuel costs are big there, and the carbon levy part of them is bound to also be big. It’s a hit to the bottom line, no question. Whether the carbon levy is having some positive impact in the bigger picture is of course something the UCP prefers not to focus on. But it appears in this case, Rehn is in the clear; the proof of it is in black and white on Vanderwell’s fuel bills.

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