Campaign is on, regardless

Those who enjoy political campaigns as a spectator sport (there are plenty of similarities) are in for some fun over the next few months. The jockeying for advantage in the Lesser Slave Lake provincial electoral division is well underway and promises to be quite entertaining.

The NDP have it and the UCP want it. How badly do they want it? Badly enough for United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney to have made two non-campaign campaign visits to Slave Lake in the past three or four months. Pat Rehn, the UCP candidate was, we hear, encouraged by the party to run here, as a sort of star candidate. It worked, and he is going after MLA Danielle Larivee’s job.

Larivee, meanwhile, appears to be going full out, all the time. She’s here, she’s there – she’s everywhere! She’s energetic, well-known and (as far as we can tell) well-liked in the riding and is already fighting for every single vote.

If it was just about individuals, the better-known person would win, every time. That’s what it is like, pretty much, in municipal and school board elections. But at the provincial and federal levels, what party you belong to is a big factor. Obviously. And the battle is already on, also very obviously.

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