Alimo’s Pizzeria tries out ‘Love Evolution,’ the game show

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Local pizzeria Alimo’s held a game show event called ‘Love Evolution’ on Monday, February 11th for Valentine’s day.

Co-owner Moe Mouallem a says he wanted to do something fun for the community around Valentine’s Day, and showcase some locally owned stores and artisans that are doing some awesome things.

The idea for the show was similar to that of the popular game show The Newlywed Game.

“I wasn’t expecting it to gain so much momentum, but basically over Sunday and Monday we were able to get over $1,500 in prizes.”

Mouallem mentions Slave Lake needs more stuff that is unconventional, interesting, inclusive, and doesn’t come with a huge price tag.

“There’s no law that says a pizza place can’t put on a game show, so we just went for it and it was really well received.”

Mouallem explains the format was not the most original, but he did have fun including his comedy and creative writing background into the questions.

Mouallem says he is really happy the results considering it went from idea to a show in less than 72 hours. He says the possibility of doing another game in the spring for Alimo’s 15- year anniversary has already been discussed.

Mouallem adds they might even do something over Riverboat Daze if the interest is there.

The game was also posted online via Facebook Live for people at home to watch, play along and win prizes.

“We’ve gotten feedback that people would like to be able to watch it live, so we would try to move it to a bigger venue to accommodate those people.”

Mouallem says thank you to all who participated.

Game of love

Love Evolution game show contestants having some fun with their spouses on Monday, February 11.

Winner Winner…

Nidal and Dania Hatoum, winners of the Love Evolution game show.

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