Additions to the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Arts Council

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Arts Council (RAC) is making some change and updates to their current council.

RAC president Megan McNeil says she hopes the new additions will help to interest community members and get them more involved in what RAC is and does. She says the first thing they will be doing is selling yearly memberships.

McNeil says for $50 a year, community members can purchase a membership. She explains members will get such perks as 10 per cent off all art council events (excluding the Young@art summer camp) and will be able to participate in an exclusive yearly event.

Another thing RAC will be doing is punch passes. McNeil says every time a person attends an event they will get their card punched and after five punches they then will receive their sixth class free. (This also excludes the Young@art summer camp.)

McNeil says RAC is also looking for grants, donations, and honourariums, as RAC is a non for profit organization run on the basis of volunteer board members and volunteer community members.

“We are always on the lookout for new board members and volunteers.”

McNeil explains board members meet a minimum of once a month to discuss and plan upcoming events. She says they are committed to helping organize future events and volunteer their time to ensure things run smoothly.

McNeil adds being a board member ensures that the council remains current through the community and monthly events can take place.

If anyone would like to be a board member or would like more information on RAC they can contact McNeil at or visit RAC on Facebook at LSLRegionalArts Council or Instagram at slregionalartscouncil.

The next couple of events on the calendar include a free RAC mixer at The Fix on March 20th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m On May 4th there will be a watercolour paint night with Edmonton artist Ella Doo.

The event costs $50 or for an additional $20 you can purchase your very own paint set. The event is for anyone eight and up and will take place at the MRC. For more information on that or to register, email McNeil at the email above.

McNeil says she is also trying to sneak another Pysanka egg decorating event into the mix of events for Easter as it has been a big hit in years past.

The new art council brochures, gift cards and punch pass cards.

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